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  1. Mike M

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    He is definatly alive and well some of us still talk to him.

    Wow. He's like Jesus.
  2. irrig8r

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    I don't think he can walk on water... despite what Pete says he's heard...
  3. pete scalia

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    I'll say this directly to you Pete: I wish with all my heart and soul that Mike and I were still friends. He gave me some great ideas, and he has a lot of ideas that are of real value. The experience he posesses would be invaluable to a forum such as this or any other. Why we could not get along is beyond me. Maybe we are just too much alike in too many ways. For example: He doesn't like being criticized (at all) and neither do I. When it occurs, our personalities are overwhelmingy obnoxious, and the offender is never let off the hook. I know, it's sad. But what you have to understand is that he and I are both very passionate about what we do. We have built businesses that we care about, and we will fight anyone to the death if they try to cross our boundaries.
    I truly miss Mike (you), and I wish that someday all the differences could be resolved. I do owe you a very big black eye, however.
  5. Pro-Scapes

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  6. irrig8r

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    I think a lot of us might recognize parts of ourselves in some of these descriptions... found by doing a Google search on "artistic temperament"...

    "The Artist"

    The following ten traits and characteristics are typical of the Artistic personality type.

    Mood swings. Those of the Artistic temperament tend to experience a greater range of emotion than those of any other type. They are very emotionally reactive.

    Artistic inclinations. The Artistic type is the most inclined of all the types to be involved with the fine arts, music, or literature (Keirsey, 204). They take an artistic approach to all aspects of their lives.

    Independent work. Like "the majority of poets, novelists, composers, and to a lesser extent, of painters and sculptors," those of the Artistic type "are bound to spend a great deal of their time alone (Storr, ix)."

    Relationships secondary. Those of the Artistic temperament "are quite likely to choose relationships which will further their work rather than relationships which are intrinsically rewarding, and their spouses may well find that marital relations take second place (Storr, 107)."

    Great productivity. Persons of the Artistic type are highly disciplined, gifted with superior powers of concentration, and capable of producing great quantities of high quality work; they also enjoy frequent periods of recreation and inactivity.

    Disinhibition. They are hedonistic and impulsive; "they live Epicurean lives in the here and now, and as gracefully as possible (Keirsey, 204)."

    Keen perceptions. The Artistic temperament is especially attuned to color, line, texture, shading - touch, motion, seeing, and hearing in harmony. The senses of Artistic individuals seem more keenly tuned than those of others (Keirsey, 205).

    Kindness (Keirsey, 205). Although those of the Artistic type may adopt an aggressive, tough exterior, they are remarkably gentle, kind, and generous.

    Extroversion and introversion. The interpersonal conduct of those of the Artistic type alternates between the greatest extremes of sociability and social reticence.

    Love of nature.
    In many individuals of the Artistic type there "may be found an instinctive longing for the natural, the pastoral, the bucolic. They are quite at home in the wilds, and nature seems to welcome them (Keirsey, 206)."

    This description owes a debt to several ideas of Cory Caplinger (Lifexplore), especially the names of the first two characteristics.
  7. Go Halogen

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    Please stop feeding the deranged. I stopped coming to this site two weeks ago because of the crazyness. I could not take all of his insane responses.
    I came back tonight for some real advice and I know that I should not have looked around at the other threads. Right away I saw the ego centric remarks made by our friend.

    Stop feeding the squirrels and they will go away!!

    AHHHHH! Please make it stop.

  8. pete scalia

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    Great post
  9. Mike M

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    Busted! Mike G came back as James the "Canadian." Absolutely brilliant.
  10. Mike M

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    the greatest extremes of sociability and social reticence

    The whole list is awesome, but this quote really nails it.

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