Roll-Off Dump Trailers

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by AAATreeLandscape, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. AAATreeLandscape

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    Was looking into purchasing one of those roll-off dump trailers. I like the fact that you can buy a couple of dumpsters and pull i some extra income renting them out. Wanted to know if any others have used these and what money I'm looking at. Only found one site that sells them...anyone know of any others. Thanks!
  2. Mykster

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    Are you meaning those 40yd and smaller dumpsters for people to use and throw garbage from remodels and other stuff? Those things are expensive as hell to rent. You could probably do pretty good as long as you always had someone to rent it.
  3. AAATreeLandscape

    AAATreeLandscape LawnSite Member
    from MA
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    yeah but closer to 16-20 yds. Before you needed a big truck to drop them off but now they have trailers equiped with the dumpster and roll-off system you can haul around with a 1 ton pickup. Also you don't have the extra insurance expense. Anybody ever seen these besides me?
  4. I've brought roll offs in a few times doing clean ups. I cant remember how many yards they were but I paid around 300 which includes dump fee.
    I've seen ads for the one you're talking about, also saw one being used by a contractor.
    You might also think about renting to tree Co's also. Don't know how pricing/weight issues would work out but they can use extra capacity when chipping large jobs.

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