roll over death


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Ontario, Canada
Lawn mowers and steep hills don't work. A 14 year old girl drown last weekend here while cutting the side of a irrigation pond. The mower rolled knocking the wind out of her and she ended up in the pond. We have a couple every season. I am rethinking a job that has about a 9/12 pitch for next spring. Some jobs just aren't worth it. I have a neighbour who is in a wheelchair for life from rolling a John Deere on a small 6 foot hill three years ago.


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Sorry to hear about stuff like this. I'm sure there are lots of questions surrounding the incident. I'm not gonna try and second guess or speculate because I don't know all of the facts and I feel bad for the family.

There is always the possibility of something bad happening at any type of job. A couple of weeks ago an old guy was mowing the lawn he mowed for 25 years and stepped off the curb at the wrong time. People certainly don't plan on being hurt thats why they are called accidents.
I know one thing for sure - we don't make the rules here. When its your time you have no debate. We just have to live life as good as we can and enjoy what we like to do.

You can cut down on risk by using your experience, education and gut feeling but bottom line is - if THE MAN ABOVE wants you, He gets you. Good Luck.


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Some of the community open areas and holding ponds that I cut have burms so steep you can't run a mower across them. I would like to bring the pencil pusher who designed these, out to the area and let him try to cut them!


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The Jersey Shore
Here in NJ about a month ago there was a guy cutting gr*** on a ZTR on a very busy road on a wet morning, he went to turn, wheels lost traction he then slide onto the street and was hit by an 18 wheeler. Every bone in his body was broken and he was in real bad shape, but he will live and is expected to recover..

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Wow not good to know that but it teaches everyone else carefull on those side hills I would not take a chance with a ztr.I would use a walkbehind on that commercial size 32 or maybe 36 if not that a 21 inch.I would`nt take a chance with a ztr.Unless I really needed to use it back there.


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When i was about 9 or 10, i was cutting the gr*** for my uncle on his riding mower by the quarry in the backyard. This is a deeeeep quarry filled with water, over the years he has thrown everthing from brush to cars in it , there was about a 3 ft. slope to the water and i backed up to realign going the other way(seen him do this all the time), no traction, tractor slid backwards down the hill, i jumped onto the hood. The only thing that kept it from flipping was some brush in the water right at the edge, i would have been at the bottom of the quarry, they wouldn't have known what happened to me or the tractor for a while! Scared 20 years off my life, don't think i've screamed like that before or since, always think about that when near water mowing , don't think i'd take a job will a hill near water.


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Sorry bout the friend look at that houver mower you can stnad at the top of the hill and fish it back up with a rope ..hey get a chair on wheels somthing cold to drink and go GRass fishing


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I agree with Bob. I see hills all over town that are scalped to death and ripped up by the tires of riders. thought about the designers right away. Why not make the hills wider and a lesser grade. It seems to be at townhome complexes exclusively.

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