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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by supercuts, Apr 28, 2007.

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    anyone ever roll a mower. i was just thinking back to the first year on my Z. i had a lawn on the ocean. it was up high with a 15' drop down to the sand and had one strip of grass that sloped down to the sand, but was off camber sloping to the drop off. i ususally back down it to play it safe since the hill with grass is steep, let alone the drop off down to the water. backing down was fine, even with the morning dew on the grass. going back up my back tires spin and i slid sideways over the lip of the dropoff down to the sand. this drop off is all wild rose bushes so there nice and prickly.

    only one wheel went over, all i remember is the machine tipping up and going over with the blades spinning when that little angle watching over me grabbed teh thing and kept her from going over. the deck got hung up on the lip at the edge and im sitting nearly straight up and down with a load in my pants. it took 3 guys to scoot it back on to the lawn to drive it off.

    all things considered i was very very very lucky! thinking back i wonder what i would have done if it did go over and i had to get it out(assuming i was ok). there was no access down below and no way to get anything resembling a truck out back since the houses were so close together and crazy stone work.

    any other close calls??
  2. Midwest Lawn Services

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    Yesterday in fact! I was loading my Grasshopper with about 200lbs of wet leaves from a messy cleanup we did. The tire treads were caked in mud. When I got the drive tires on the aluminum ramps, she started to spin and before I knew it, I was at a 45 degree angle off the ramps, and still hanging on! Just about sh*t my pants. Somehow, adrenaline kicked in, I pulled half of the 1000lbs mower off the ramps and trailer and assesed the damage. NONE! Thought for sure a spindle would have taken the blow! First time in 10 years anything like that has happened. Thank you Lord!:) Needless to say, I went home and had a few beers!:drinkup:
  3. David C.

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    Today I was mowing a resident with a steep lake front. I thought "This should be a cinch with my Z.

    Its a pretty good slope and there is a three foot drop from the bottom edge of the slope into the water---which looked to me like it had a pretty good "drop off" into deep stuff.

    I was at the top of the slope closest to the house working my way down---and started slipping and slideing and spinning----and it was a good 20 yards from the drop off.

    I could just picture myself loosing the Z in the lake---and having to call my Father-in-law to help me pull it out.

    I played it safe--shut the Z down and mowed the lake front with my 21"

    Any daredevils out there willing to try the same slope----be my guest---but you'll be my guest on YOUR Z!!!!!!
  4. RedMax Man

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    Never rolled a mower but i've seen others do it. I saw i guy loose control going down a steep hill on a Craftsman steered to miss hitting the house and he flipped the whole machine and fell. He was all right just got up push the mower back up and put the hood and catcher bins back on that fell off.

    A few weeks ago i was on the Walker and couldn't get it turned around on a hill and then slid backwards down the hill.

    two days ago i got it stuck in the mud and was next to a canoe and shed tried to reverse and the tires just spun and the mower was sliding sideways up against the canoe. moved the canoe and pushed the steering levers back while also pushing the mower. Finally managed to get it out.

    I mow some are that are risky and if you don't make the right manuvers then you'l be in trouble.
  5. J&R Landscaping

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    I have never seen anybody have trouble with a Z while on the grass but I saw this encounter first hand.

    I was at my dealers shop picking up a trimmer when somebody came into drop off a Z rider. The guy had the mower loaded in the back of a stakebody truck. He was using to planks, not even ramps but two pieces of wood to load and unload this machine.

    Well, he gets started moving the mower around in the back of the truck while his helper kept tried to keep the ramps straight and steady. As he was comming down, one of the ramps slid off the deck of the truck. He crashed the Z off the back of the truck. It landed upside down and pretty beaten up. The driver of the Z got 2 bruised ribs in the accident.
  6. RedMax Man

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    :hammerhead: It's one thing to have a 21" mower on the back of a truck but if you don't have ramps then your just asking for trouble if your moving anything bigger.
  7. lifetree

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    Last year I had an incident where I was keeping my ZTR about 20 feet away from a 6-7 foot dropoff, I had planned to do the edge with the WB ... however, having just gotten back into town that morning I was unaware that it had rained the day before ... and couldn't easily tell that it had rained because the grass was almost knee high.

    Well, long story short, I didn't roll the ZTR but it did start losing traction on just a slight incline of about a 5-10 degree grade ... I poured on the gas but it wasn't enough, it slid down the hill backward and went vertical to about 88 degrees ... if it had gone to 90 degrees it would have rolled over and landed on top of me. It did throw me off the machine and then slid down the embankment to the road way below.

    Lord only knows how, but I wasn't hurt and nothing on the machine was damaged either. My angel was there with me also ... Thank God.
  8. DixieChopper88

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    This week i was mowing a school system and my dad was working in the middle of the school with the push mower and it was getting dark. So as smart as i am i decide to do the bank out in front of the school, since it was getting dark and my dad usually does this bank with a push mower.

    Anyway i'm using a 60" dixie chopper never have i had a problem with on a bank, but this bank was a monster. I don't even know the degrees i would say like 55-65 degrees, never have i tried something this dangerous, i know stupid to try. Well i start at the bottom and to my right is a gully filled with water and caked with mud.

    As i'm going along it's okay but by the time i get to the end it is unbelievably steep, so i try to go up at an angle and all of a sudden the front tire raises off the flipping ground and i start sliding back, at that time i thought i'm dead going to look into buying another ztr, so i push the right lever up full throttle and thankfully 27hp was enough to save my life and get up the hill safely. So again it's getting dark and i think i have nine live so i do the rest and thank the Lord i was okay i got it done, from now on i'm going to have to do it with a pushmower!
  9. stick9

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    Wow. Yeah, used to have all kinds of close calls.

    I've been stuck in more than 1 deep ditch.

    Learned though. I used to use the weed whip and 'mow' the yard if it wasn't too thick. Worked very well, actually and looked great.

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    the lco i used to work for 8 years ago had the old jd yellow float deck and i watched a guy loose one off a 12 foot tie wall broke the center shaft that holds the deck to the mower . we had to bring the mower back to the shop in 2 pieces. another time i was trimming watching this guy that worked with me mowing around the with an old bunton . after about 5 min i look at hom again only to see him with no mower . i go down the hill to edge of the and sked him wheres the mower he said in the lake . all you could see was the 2 pistol grips sticking out of the water. in the mean time my trimmer is running at idle at the top of the hill (redmax) and you guessed it , it started rolling down the hill right into the lake. pulled it out and it started right up. as for the mower they had to change the oil 5 times to get all the water out of it.

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