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Rolled Hay?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Does anyone know where to buy this "rolled hay", that has seedlings into them? I see the road crews up here using them when making new roads. I stopped and asked one day and the guy told me that it was a secret. Maybe he saw my trailer with my stuff and thought to be an a**hole. Anyways let me know,thanks. It looks to be about a 4 foot wide peice and about 20 feet long. :waving:

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
saw some at Home Depot.. I am sure others have it as well

Wolfie's L&L

LawnSite Member
York, PA
Just as a warning, this stuff is a pain in the arse if you ever have to do any raking around it. The netting usually gets tangled in and around the rake and its a mess to get out, as I have experienced personally. But on a better note, I've seen that the seeds germinate quicker with it compared to loose seed that has been spread by hand.



LawnSite Platinum Member
Leanards and most nursery outlets carry it. Can be very cost prohibited unless its use for erosion control. Do a search on the net for Curlex