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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ladkin, Aug 7, 2004.

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    What's the best way to smooth out a bumpy lawn? My lawns are converted pastures and there are tons of dimples, mini-ruts, "poc marks" and undulations that make cutting with my rider more like a rodeo than a chore and it's murder on the lower back.

    Can I repair this with heavy irrigation followed by rolling? If so, what kind of weight and repetition is required? Is aeration required before hand?

    If rolling is not a solution, what's Plan B?

    2-3 acres, so "hand" solutions aren't viable.

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    Rolling is never the right thing to do.....
    Generally, you should aerate. As often as the client will pay you.
    I have also taken a thatcher(de-thatcher) to the really bad parts
    to knock them down.
    Plan B would be to aerate, overseed, fert heavily to generate a cushy thatch layer,mow slower and get a mower with a longer wheelbase.
    From now on, charge more for these"known commodity" converted pastures.
    They aren't worth your time at standard rates.....
    Hope that helps !
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    ladkin, do a search for lawn rolling, we discussed it a few times before. There are reasons for rolling a lwan however most guy here will tell you it does more damage than good. Here we do it to help with frost heaving, everyone does it. Of course our lawns are hard as rock and the grass won't grow if you listen to the other guys. :D
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    rent a 5 foot roller and after a heavy slow rain where you get over an inch roll the place. The roller weighs somewhere around 1300 pds I think so you need a big atv or a tractor to tow it. Use caution if using atv as it will push you all over the place. Might have to do it a couple times and spring is the best time because of how wet the ground is. If you do it a few times and then aireate you should have no problems. This is the meathod I use to get the larger lawns in shape for over seeding or mowing when the owner does not want to spend the money to have a "real "lawn installed.

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    depending on the time frame you want to fix it in you could top dress or box grade the high points into the low points.

    if the grass is crap, you could always try to sell a roto tilling combined with soil improvement and grading to accompany your sod job.

    There are always options just depends on the pocket and desires of the client.

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