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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ztrguy, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. ztrguy

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    I have a question for all of the people going with the Isuzu Cabover style for their lawn service.

    Lets say I get rid of the Truck & Trailer combo and I switch to the Cabover for my lawn service. It will be with the enclosed box. After doing so I add the vehicle signage and use the enclosed box as a "Rolling Billboard Advertisement." The town that I live in has a population of less than 30,000.

    What I want to know is: Will this be worth it for such a small town? No one around here has anything like this setup. I feel that if I do this I will get lots of looks and hopefully this will get more calls. I think I can pull it off and get some business rolling in after a month or so of being seen around town. I'm hoping more people will look at the business as being more professional and successful which in turn will give the potential customers more confidence on giving us a call. I'm not sure if this setup is just for the bigger cities. I'm hoping it will work here in a smaller town like it does in the bigger cities with lots of people seeing the Advertisement.

    As opposed to door hangers/flyers/postcards/direct mailing/etc....this way of advertisement will always be present. It won't be money down the drain so to speak. It will always use it's purpose of advertising not (junk mail) and thrown in the trash like flyers tend to be.

    Comments greatly appreciated on this issue.

  2. Team Gopher

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    I think it's a great idea. It sounds like your truck will get lots of attention!
  3. Cutters Lawn Care

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    I have almost the same setup you are wanting to do. I have a Mitsubishi Fuso cabover with a 15' box. Our company logo is maroon and a khaki color. I had the cab painted maroon and the box painted khaki. We have cutters in green outlined in black on the box professional lawn care and the phone number in maroon. It looks so good. I Have had this setup since about september and have got so many good responses. My town is only about 25,000. It cost me $750 to have it lettered but big deal. It cost about a $1000 to have it painted but I plan on having a few more trucks going and they are all gonna be painted the same. There are 2 other companies in my town that have box trucks and they are both white just lettered up. Everyone says mine looks much more professional. Be sure on your ramp and dovetail you have some raised expaned metal this will give you much better traction when the ramp is wet.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    i would do it but i would use signs that could be removed so u can change the seasonal add
    leaves, snow, aeration and such this way u can get more bang 4 the buck
  5. johnbast3

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    I think an enclosed trailer is just as good,that way you are not dedicating an expensive truck for just one use..JB
  6. mowinmoney

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    The professional look will set you apart. Are you trying to create the same image across the board ie. uniforms, clean equip, etc.
  7. cantoo

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    We have an older cube van but it looks good. About Can$4000 invested in it including the logo. We want to get a newer diesel one to cut down on the fuel costs. We have gotten a few jobs from people seeing it but not really that many. We always try to ask people how they heard of us. Most are from referrals and they are the easiest to close on.
  8. GTLC

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    Get an International or some American truck. Why? Because after talking to my uncle who is the president of Land Air Express trucking, in Vermont, which has 10 terminals in New England and New York, and has over 200 trucks, he says it is a mistake to buy a Japanese truck such as an Isuzu NPR. The japanese trucks are built too light duty I guess, and his NPR's wore out pretty quick. They use International, Mack, Peterbuilt and Ford now, mostly International.

    Just my 2 cents
  9. proenterprises

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    i think that the rolling billboard is an outstanding idea. it will really turn heads when people see your truck and trailer driving by. also-take the advice that another said and make it so you are able to change your advertisments as the seasons change.
  10. GTLC

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    Here is the real truck:


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