Ronstar for residential use?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jauchart, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Jauchart

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    I just built a new house and must now do the landscaping--everything is bare dirt. One gardner friend advised using Ronstar before putting in sod and plants to kill weed seed, another claimed it "is absolutely the wrong approach for your yard. It lingers in the soil and is detrimental to ALL plant growth." Could you clarify?
  2. Ric

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    Click on the above Link to read the RonStar G California Label. First LineS under the Green Herbicide bar at top of page.


  3. ted putnam

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    I wouldn't want to use it anyway...My JDL branch has a few pallets of fert combo a golf course didn't take and that stuff is better than $50 a bag.:dizzy:
  4. greendoctor

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    Is this person talking about Ronstar a licensed applicator. I come across the same problem in my state as well. Thank goodness the DOA has taken the step of restricting this product one level below an RUP. Vendors may not release this product to anyone other than licensed applicators. Not quite an RUP, but almost. My advice to you is to hire a licensed applicator familiar with the management of a landscape and lawn during the grow in period. Too bad you are in Cal, that is a significant part of my business here in Honolulu. The chemical management of a landscape after it has been installed. Please be careful. Your average "landscaper" or gardener is to be trusted only as far as you can throw him unless he holds the applicator's license. Ronstar old wive's tales such as the whopper you were told are a very sore subject with me.

    Ronstar would not hurt most transplanted shrubs or even sod if applied at label rates. The issue is this is not something I would want my kids or dog to inadvertently contact. The MSDS for this product and labeling warns of skin and eye irritation. I have heard from many landscape personnel and nursery workers that the label is not kidding when it talks about skin irritation. Still want to throw this all over your lawn and landscape?
  5. Ric

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    The only time I have seen Ronstar used and watched the Response was when I was taking a College Class in Golf Course Management. Let's just say I was NOT impressed with the results or the Method used
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    I know. The "yard boys" and landscapers in Hawaii think they are special just because they have Ronstar G. I get a different kind of action out of Ronstar Flo or WSP sprayed with glyphosate, diquat or even just surfactant.
  7. Used for a number of years on Gc, on fert carrier with a little benefin, since it,s a little week on crab. I always had great results, and, to my knoledge, their was never an attempt to get it regisiter for residential use. Supposely the reason was, manufactur didn't believe enough would be sold to residentail use to justify the cost
  8. greendoctor

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    It would be a big hit in Hawaii and the South. Ronstar is one of the few herbicides that does not prune roots. Very important issue when dealing with warm season stoloniferous grasses. I know of many people that apply Ronstar illegally to residential lawns, especially when plugging or sprigging.

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