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LawnSite Member
Does anyone know why this product isn't made for home lawns?

It looks like it does a good job as a preemergent without the root pruning.

I'm wondering what kind of results I could expect on Fescue/Bluegrass in Tennessee against crabgrass/goosegrass?

Any help would be great. Thanks.


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Georgia Z7
Ronstar is very effective against both goosegrass and crabgrass.

The fact that it does not perform root pruning on the turf makes it the clear choice in pre-emergent herbicides. It is also a good choice when your turf has been previously stressed such as an athletic field.

Why it isn't labeled for residential use is not exactly known. I was once told that Bayer simply didn't go through the red tape of filing for approval. After all, this pre-emergent is pricey. They must have assumed that the commercial side (golf, sports turf) was the target market. One would not think that the product isn't labeled for residential use due to environmental risks.

I personally would love to see that change because it is the only pre-emergent that is safe for new sod installations. That scenario comes my way very frequently.