RonstarG vs Snap-Shot in flower/ornamental beds

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mateo, Mar 4, 2003.

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    I've been using Ronstar for the last 3 years in my beds (3 acres of land and probably 1 acre of areas that I want pre-emergent weed protection) and it seems to have been fairly successful but it is so expensive here $110 per 50lb. bag (12,000 ft coverage per bag). I have never used Snap-Shot as my local dealer (United Hort. Supply) does not carry it. I have read about it and it seems to be the favorite of many for pre-em on flower beds.

    I have been applying RonstarG to my beds each Feb/March and my dealer tells me that If I apply each year that it works better each year at creating a barrier. Is this true and does Snap-Shot do the same thing and how often should it be applied?

    Also, are there any good websites or wholesalers for buying fert/ herbacides at lower prices?
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    Snapshot can be applied 1-2 times per year. Works fairly well as a pre-emergent in beds. Does work better each year if continually maintained and any emerging weeds are sprayed. Cost about $70 for a 50# bag. I forget how much area it does. Maybe someone else can answer that. As always it's best applied under/before mulching, and needs to be watered in.

    Also (I think) Snapshot has 2 active ingredients.

    Never used Ronstar so I can't tell you if ones better than the other.
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    Snapshot at $70 for 50#, maximum effect uses 4.6# per 1000 ft².
    You are not really enhancing the effect of any pesticide by using the same chemical, or the same chemical family, repeatedly year after year. You are reducing the effect.

    You may seem to get enhancement, because you have some residual from previous application(s). But in the case of pre-emergent herbicides, which are degraded by soil microbes, you are taking the chance by repeated use of increasing the population of the specific degrading microbes, so that future applications will be degraded dramatically sooner. Just like insecticides and fungicides, most authorities recommend changing chemistries in regular applications, in order to extend efficacy of the particular pesticide.

    Use what is most appropriate, whether it costs $1/K or $100/K, and price your services accordingly.
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  5. On turf 4.59 lbs per 1000 using 2% ronstar, would assume same rate in ornamentals BUT need to check label!!!! Ronstar works better on crab than goose. After several years of application their is less weed pressure!
    Ronstar does the least damage to turfgrass roots than any pre emrge on market. That is way its worth the exta money!
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    But be careful with the Ronstar. There is no formulation labeled for use on residential turf. It can only be used on commercial and sports turf, not on residential. Golly, how I wish it was.
  7. Thanks grndkpr, I was aware straight ronstar wasnt label for home lawns. It is label for professional use. Haven t been able to found out what professional use is?

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