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    Roof Cleaning by A&E provides exterior cleaning services to Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. We offer a variety of services that can clean your home's entire exterior from roof to curb.

    Our non pressure roof cleaning offers an affordable alternative to roof replacement to rid a roof of unsightly roof stains. Not only are these stains unsightly, the stains are caused by algae that is eating the filler in the asphalt shingles, destroying the integrity of the shingles.

    The non pressure roof cleaning method will kill the algae, and instantly remove the roof stains, returning the roof to its original color. During the cleaning process, a cleaning solution is applied at a low pressure, which is equal to the pressure from you garden hose. This cleaning solution will kill the algae and any moss or lichen that is present on the roof.

    In addition, to roof cleaning, we also offer pressure washing for concrete, asphalt, brick or stone. Our pressure washing equipment has the capacity to operate with both hot or cold water, which allows us to clean even the dirtiest areas. We service both commercial or residential customers, and can schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annual pressure washing service to keep your business looking good for your customers.

    Soft washing is another service offered by Roof Cleaning by A&E. Soft washing is a gentle cleaning alternative to pressure washing. With soft washing, a cleaning solution is applied to the entire surface at a low pressure and then rinsed with a low pressure, high volume rinse. Soft washing is ideal for vinyl siding or trim, dryvit, stucco and more.

    Other services we can provide to complete your exterior cleaning are, gutter cleaning, or gutter clean out, rust stain removal, graffiti removal and exterior window cleaning.

    Give us a call for your exterior cleaning needs in Central PA and Northern MD
    (717) 324-4208

    Our service area includes but is not limited to:

    17402 17403 17404 17405 17406 17356 17313 17601 17602 17505 17576 17584 17560 17566 17532 17565 17561 17551 17309 17322 17366 17363 17349 17327 17360 17407 17361 17356 17331 17329 17311 17362 17301 17408 17401 17315
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