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    Lou Zehnder(kyfireman2004) and I Cleaned a Roof in Lexington KY on Monday. He got to learn a few things first hand. Here are the pics...



    After.... Still a little wet


    Lou rinsing hose back into tank....


    Disclaimer ...... NO Pressure Washers were used to clean this roof.
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    I have a question. How do you apply the cleaner and how do you rinse it off? You say you didn't use a PW. Do you physically get on the roof or do you stand back and spray the chemical on then garden hose it off? I'm considering cleaning shingled roofs as part of my service. I have some things I need to learn and equipment to get but man, the homes in my neighborhood are all stained. Most are Rancher homes. I'm just not sure on the process to apply. I know that you want as little time walking on the roof as possible to not damage shingles and I'm very anal about things. I'd like to possibly get things going this spring.

    Any help? thanks a bunch.

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    Go here and read, read, read.....
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    I second that motion. Very valuable info there. Roof cleaning is a different breed of animal. Very profitable, yet very acute in the margin of error. The above forum should provide all the ifo you need to full understand the process. If you want, check out my site Roof Cleaning Evansville Indiana to see the explanation of the process and the results as well.

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