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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DeepSouth, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. DeepSouth

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    I live 30 miles south of Birmingham, AL. I'm using a 4 gallon (pump) backpack sprayer for tight areas and a Crop Care 25 gallon ATV sprayer with a 8-head (TeeJet heads), 12-foot-long boom. I'm taking care of my dad's yard (1 acre), my brother's yard (1/2 acre), and my yard (1/2 acre). We all have Bermuda turf lawns. I'm wanting to pursue professional result on our lawns before getting into the business.

    I'm not brand knew to spraying. I've sprayed glyphosate on annual food plots for hunting clubs, but this is my first season going the pro route for our lawns (which as you know is more intricate). You'll probably see most of my posts in the Herbicide Forum. That is until I break something, then you'll find me in the repair section!

    Thanks for the help,
    Mark (DeepSouth)
  2. larryinalabama

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    Roll tide!!!!!
  3. DeepSouth

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    Nice to meet you, Larry, but War Eagle!
  4. Ray_Lawns

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    I am no help but War Eagle back to you bud.
  5. ashs inc

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    war eagle. do you have your opts?
  6. DeepSouth

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    War Eagle fellas! Ash Inc., what is/are opts?
  7. shadetreelawns

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    OTPS is a pesticide applicators certification. It is a test that you have to take to apply pesticides commercially. They can fine you for applying chemicals without this.
  8. DeepSouth

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    I thought that's what it was but wanted to make sure, Shadetree. The way I understood it, I didn't need an applicator's license for doing my own lawn or even my dad or brother's lawn. I'm not doing commercial applications, only treating my yard and my dads and brothers. I'm not receiving compensation for this, just studying what procedures work best. If I can properly maintain our lawns then I plan on taking the course studies and exam for my license before branching out commercially. If I've misread the law then please correct me.

    I take great care to apply as labeled and study chemicals before purchasing to make sure they are what I need. I'm wanting to learn as much as possible with real applications before going into it commercially. Treating my yard and a couple family member's lawns seemed like a good way to get hands-on experience.
  9. shadetreelawns

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    Well in that case you are OK. As long as your not compensated all is good.

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