Rookie has only one quickbooks ? - Please help.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by INTEGRITY LAWN, Jan 29, 2002.


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    Well, here goes another one from a rookie. :) i am starting up some contracts this year, and don't really know how this will work out with quick books. For those of you who use quick books, and do once a month billing contracts, how does this work out. Do you still invoice each service, what item list do I make? How does this work? Can you schedule quicken to bill once a month, but how then will I track each service rendered? Someone, Please help. Thank You:confused:
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    Here's how I do it. Create an item for regular service. Mine is:
    "Gardening services: mow lawn, edge walks/beds, trim, etc."
    For each contract customer, make up an invoice with this item on 5 lines. Enter the full monthly price on the first of these items, and leave the others blank. When the lawn is serviced, enter the date in the 'Serviced on' column. Memorize the invoices and set them to automatically enter on the first of each month, and then print them on the last of each month. Any line items that didn't get an assigned date of service get deleted, and any extra service that isn't in the contract is easily added. Hope this helps.
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    You really need a database to handle the scheduling and tracking functions. Try Alocet's QExpress from the Lawn Monkey people.

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