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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by pconcepts, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Hey everyone-
    Im fairly new to the site and just started my business last year as a solo operator at 34 years old after being in the printing industry for 13 years. Currently Im taking classes at my local community college for my cert. in landscape management. I just recently passed my general standards test (80%) and turf(90%) and ornamental(84%) categories as well. Im really excited about the upcoming year with the addition of the applicators license but kind of nervous too being its my first year applying. All of the yards I service are residential about 1/4 acre and I was wondering what are the must have things to have on hand at all times that the guys that have been doing this for a while(that they cant teach you in class) can clue me in about. Thanks in advance!
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    Your best bet is to use the search on the site and it will find all the info you need. Education and continuing ed are the most important, without that constant you could really do some damage. Basic equiptment would be sprayers both back pack and a 200gal with at least 350' of hose and a good pump (lesco has these). Motorized spreader such as the HPS or Z ( then you can fert and squirt togeather) and a hand push spreader, PPE X 3 (you don't want to be caught w/o it). At the very least go to your Lesco dealer and tell them what you want to do and they will set you up with a program that you can modify after time to suit your needs. EDUCATION is at the top, search the net everything is there for the asking.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for the advice. I have a Lesco dealer within 5 min. of me. What size backpack sprayer works well that is not outrageously priced for a new guy like myself?
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    Almost all of us have and still use the 4 gal backpack. Some a bit larger, some electric. Lesco's is a Solo.
    In addition, take a business class. You will find that one thing you will need is CASH FLOW. Without it; you're done in. Try to get a big hunk of your application fee up front and a steady source of a never ending outgo. There will alway be something that you forget or need. Use a check list and go over it before you get to the job.
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    I agree with the whole cash flow thing big time. I left the printing industry last year afetr 13 years as well. I signed a couple contracts for accounts that are full service and they pay great but suck up cash and keep it tied up for 30 to 40 days. Thankfully other than those two, I have alot of small accounts that are easier to budget with. The big thing with me for cash flow was going through so much at the start of the season. Start out doing fert apps and mulch in the spring and you tie up lots of money until payments start coming in. I learned my lesson with the fert thing. First I got licensed, second I get all new customers to pay for their first application before it is applied then bill befor doing the service. By doing this I use their money instead of mine. The two large accounts are HOA's and their is no way not to tie your own money up. The'll never preppay for anything, only let you bill once a month, etc. etc. Good Luck in the business. It's the best decision I've made in twenty years. I'm fortunate to have a wife that if need be can provide insurance and pay some bills over those lean winter months. It helps alot!

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