Rookie in So Cal: Grass Types?

Discussion in 'Network: West' started by tlc1994, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Hey guys Im learning rapidly about the green industry and am asking others from southern california about different grass types, as I want to have enough knowledge on how to properly fertilize, lime, etc, for each type of grass I encounter. Of course there is bermuda, tall fescue in my area, but are there any other grass types I could expect to deal with, at least ones I havent mentioned that are prevelant enough to research? Thanks uys.
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    I'm in Orange County. Our turf selection is primarily tall fescues - Marathon varieties are popular, bermudas - hybrid and common, and a little bit of St. Augustine. We don't generally don't lime our soils. Our pH tends to go the other way. There are really good turf classes at community colleges in the area: Orange Coast College, Fullerton College, etc. Good Luck.
  3. How hard(or easy) is maintenance on fescue?? I'm going to move to San Diego in a couple of years and want a leg up on the competition. What cultivars of st. Augustine are out there? That is our primary turf here. Do you mainly cut Bermuda with reels? Is it an easy upsell?
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