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    This has surely been asked before:

    I have an account that I keep up twice a month ($150). I'm paid out of a homeowners association so the guy says he will pay me extra for anything I do like planting bushes and pay for the bushes. The money really belongs to no one and they have plenty so I don't have to be cheap. How much should I charge for say planting just a small bush? 5 bushes? 10 bushes?

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    Rule of thumb: If said plant cost you say 5$ then double for delivery and installation now thats is for averace 1-3 gallon plants. Bigger shrubs and such is just your prefrence and what you need to make hourly to profit vs how long it will take you to install. Example med size crate mertel cost 125-150 I would charge 65 install. just an example
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    For shrubs and trees with a caliper of less than 2.5" this is what I do. Take the cost for each tree, which should be wholesale, and tack on 25%. That is what you will charge for each tree. I also collect sales tax on the tree. Then add 50% for installation.

    So tree costs me $100
    Add 20% - $125
    Add 5% Sales Tax - $6.25
    Total to customer for tree - $131.25
    Installation - $62.50
    Total collected - $193.75

    One final note: If they only want a few trees/shrubs I put a higher percentage markup (40-50%) on the plants.

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