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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gunputt, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. gunputt

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    I am planning on starting up a service next season.
    My plan is to mow, trim and clen up with blowers. My first question of many to come is should the buisiness cards I make up say that I am a lawn service or a mowing srvice?

    Also the equipment I am starting out with, will be a Scag 36"W/B, Honda 21", Red Max 2500 Trimmer, and a Red Max EB 7000 blower. What size trailer should I start with.

    Also wanted to add that I have reading posts for a while and want to thank you all for the stuff I have already learned from this site.

    I dont know why but my wife doesnt like the name Big Johns Mow, Whack and Blow
  2. Gunputt

    You are starting out with some pretty good equipment
    If at all possible id get a 16 foot trailer ,even if its to big now you will grow into it.Getting liabilty insurance is important get it to.

    good luck to you
  3. mdb landscaping

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    i would use the name lawn service. if you offer other services in the future, you wont need to change your business card. as for a trailer. id start off with at least a 6 by 12. it may seem really big for the time, but in a year or two youll have that filled and be looking into a 14 or 16 foot trailer.
  4. Fantasy Lawns

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    We use "Professional Grounds Maintenance" on cards

    Choosing a name may be one of the single most important first step decision's you make your 1st year

    keep is short n simple gimicks ....something which reflects how you wish to be percieved ..... thought of ....n remembers ...
    I've seen ton's of good names with neat slogans which go with the name .......

    my .02 is the name should have a max of 3 words .... with one word related to the type of work ...... tree .....landscape .....lawn....etc.
  5. BigJim

    BigJim LawnSite Senior Member
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    Great name though!Put that on a trailer down her and you'd get 5-10yrs in the county jail!!!!!.......LOL......:D
  6. Green Care

    Green Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would think a 16ft. trailer .
    Keep name short +simple.
    .Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. gogetter

    gogetter Banned
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    Go with Lawn Service (or maintenance), "mowing service" sounds like the kid down the street. Plus as already mentioned, if you expand into landscaping the name won't be a problem

    As far as trailer size. I also only have a 36" and a 21" mower set up and I use a 5'x10' trailer. Although it's plenty big for the mowers, it gets small quick when you have to haul off tree and bush trimmmings, etc. And when I get a 48" mower next season it will be tight on there for sure. So like everyone said already, get the biggest one you can afford and store.

    P.S. No offense to anyone here that does use "Mowing service" currently.:)
  8. Clint

    Clint LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    so, how bout it..

    Quality Control Lawn Care


    Quality Control Lawn Service

    which and what do you think

  9. Clint
    I know now why you are such a go getter you got a scottish last name.
  10. "Morrison Lawn Maintanence"

    "Morrison's Manicured Lawns"

    "Morrison's Grounds Maintanence"

    I like #2 the best

    Start with a 16 footer tandum if you have a truck to pull it. Then you wont have to buy another when you out grow the other.

    Also when you want to haul bulky things or heavy things such as mulch you have the space and capacity to handle it.

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