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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ground Effects NH, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Got a call today. Very nice lady just bought herself a farm this spring. She called it a root cellar, for storing all her root vegetables. Wanted to know if I could install one before winter. I have never seen one but have heard of them. Anybody have any feed back? Like material, size, photo, etc. She said that her old place had one built into the side of a hill made out of fieldstone with a wood entry. :eek:
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    They were common on farms in the NE. They are built into a hillside. I belive the door faces north to keep it cooler in the sunmmer. Check out Mother Earth magazine web site..My dad used to get there mag..lot of living off the land info...........:usflag:
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    I was in viginia one summer in short sleeves, walked down into a root cellar and was instantly cold.
    It was like a freezer,this thing was about three quarters in the ground if I remember right.
    It was amazing.
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    A root cellar can be anything that maintain the temperature of the earth's crust. Around here about 43 degrees F.

    Dig a hole and insulate it. Nothing special - just a plan that fits your landscape and needs. On our place they used to get ice from the lake and it would last into summer.
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    My grandparents tell me stories about how much they used their root cellar during the depression. One thing they used to do was "grease" chicken eggs to seal the pores in the shell and they would last a couple of months in the root cellar. Of course they would store things like potatoes, ect, in it also.

    Around here I've seen them where half a hole was dug into the ground and the dirt they excavated was use to mound it up higher. The thing I was never sure about is how to keep it from collapsing on itself over time, I think that's why you don't see too many of them around any more.
  6. Ground Effects NH

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    Thanks Guys for all the Info

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