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    Hello professionals

    I work as a municipal supervisor and would like to add root feeding to our park and street tree care program. I have a 250 gal. poly truck bed tank which I would like to outfit with an electric pump which would connect to a 12 volt battery. Am looking to do some root feeding and would like to ask for some suggestions on a pump which would generate enough pressure to get the material down into the roots. Also if anyone has any fertilizer suggestionsÂ….that would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. I've used the JD9-C with root feeder attachment for 25 years....a true 3 in one tool.

    It's by far the most versatile/multi-use tool I've used for both spraying, watering, soil injecting and soil drenching.

    The JD-9's spray tip is awesome for spraying trees and shrubs. Flooding nozzle for drenching lawns and shrub beds. Soil injector for trees and shrubs.

    The injection depth is fully adjustable with the foot plate (included in kit).

    Check this link for a full line up. You will not be dissapointed.

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