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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Turfdoctor1, Feb 8, 2006.

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    Hello everyone,

    Are there any pre-emerge herbicides that are not root growth inhibitors that are labeled for home lawn use?? I have several customers that have sod that was laid this winter, and I do not want to apply anything that will cause problems this spring and summer. Ronstar is what I would like to use, but to my knowledge it is not labeled for home lawn use, unless something has changed.

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    I wouldn't put any pre-emergants on that baby until its was plenty established. Just use a regular fert, depending on how well it's established. I'd wait until the last possible minute, and then use Dimension. It will kill into the 2nd tiller stage.
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    thanks for the input upidstay. however, i'm dealing with bermuda and zoysia grass sod. I would guess that you are referring to tall fescue or blue grass. I still think that I am better off waiting, as you mentioned. but, if ronstar is labeled for residential lawn use now, i think it is a better option.

    thanks again.
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    Go ahead and preemerge. I usually wait till the sods starts to root, then continue as normal. Bermuda is pretty tough. BTW I use barricade.
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    Thanks for your input. However, i'm going to have to disagree, whole heartedly. If you use barricade on sod that was laid this winter without a chance to root, it will not root until that barricade breaks down, which will be several months down the road.

    I am using barricade for all of my other applications, and I agree that it is far superior to any other product for our area. But, for these newly sodded areas, I am not going to apply a root inhibitor.

    Thanks for your input
  6. brizine

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    You misunderstood my post. Soon as it warms up enough for the bermuda to start to turn green, check the sod by pulling at it to see if it has started to root. If it has you can go ahead and pre-emerge. I have sprayed many newly sodded yards that were two to three weeks old with barricade and have yet to lose one. I might also mention that I do split applications of barricade so it is not gettiing a full dose at one time.
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    thanks brizine,

    ok, that makes more sense. However, applying barricade at the point when bermuda grass is green is kind of missing the point of barricade. Already missed both crabgrass and goosegrass germination.
  8. quiet

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    If the turf was installed over the winter, you really shouldn't need to be using a pre-m just yet. Most reputable sod farms have already treated the sod with Ronstar for exactly the reasons you mention. I use Barricade in split apps also, but I wouldn't (and have not) applied it to newly sodded lawns.

    It may be worth a call to the sod farm and find out if it's been treated, but I'd let the roots get going this spring and summer with a soild fert program. Spot treat weeds as necessary until you see enough root growth to be comfortable with pre-m.
  9. If it has been treat, think about turpensan
  10. ThreeWide

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    I would not recommend Barricade on turf that has not yet rooted, ESPECIALLY Zoysia.

    This tidbit might be of value to you.

    What you really need is Ronstar, which does not prune roots. However it is not labeled for residential.

    There is a product called Regalstar II. It is a blend of 1% Ronstar and 0.2% Barricade. The percentage of Barricade is rather low. The label does not indicate anything about being forbidden on home lawns.

    It is mostly Ronstar, so the percentage of Barricade most likely isn't enough to cause any root damage.

    This IS the loophole for using Ronstar on residential IMO.

    If you want to know more about it, Google Regalstar II.

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