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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by allinearth, Jan 14, 2006.

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    How did the cinder bags work for you? I am considering those and the in ground bags.
  2. Elmos

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    Much of what I grow is extremely slow and the proof is in the roots so I won't know until spring when the survivor is repotted. I only did a couple. I don't have a production operation. I believe that I have seen accelerated growth and vigor in the trees planted in the Agro Liners. Smart Pots, Root Trappers and fiber pots all show some promise but I am more impressed with Agro Liners in conventional pots. Here is a pic of an Acer palmatum 'Weeping Acconitifolium' in a 3g Accelerator. It does not retain enough moisture for this species. I moved it into a fiber pot and put a fastigiate Ginkgo in the Accelerator. Maybe it will do well. The Maple is doing much better in the fiber pot. I am looking for cost effective ways of improving vigor and growth rate in my small production. I don't think the Accelerator is the magic bullet that I need.


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