Roots left behind from previous bushes?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JShe8918, Jan 1, 2009.

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    Hey i am new to the whole landscaping side of things or maybe i should say landscape prep. side. A customer contacts me and ask me if i could remove some shrubs from her yard for her. Of course i say yes and rent a track skid steer. Well i get over to her house and i walk around marking all the bushes to be pulled. We removed all of the bushes from one side of the house with ease... The next side is rooted in red clay. Well needless to say they just broke off and left the roots and rootball in the ground. I removed the rootball but what should i do with the rest of the roots.. Can i just till over them or will the bushes sprout from those again? What is your recomendations for future situations? Thanx for any and all the help.
  2. White Gardens

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    Generally I've found that if you get the Apical Stem (main root ball) then 90% of the time no new sprouts will come back.

    Next time, take the bucket of the skid steer and try to "pop" the soil around the shrub so the root ball comes out easier, that's if you have room.

    What kind of shrubs and bushes were they??
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    The kinds of bushes makes all the difference in the world.
    Whether you need to remove the roots , depends on what you are going to do there.

    If they do not sprout - they will rot. Will that be a problem?
  4. JNyz

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    Use a stump grinder next time.
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    I dont you should worry about it unless they are invasive, they tend to be able to grow outta anything. But the root rotting underground no boggie unless your going to be planting there and then they will just get in the way.
  6. JShe8918

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    The ones that i am going to have to dig the root ball up are camellias and the others are wax myrtles. I am going back in the morning to try and finish up
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    The camillias should come out pretty decently if you will dig out around the root ball. I can tell you from experience to remove as much of the roots as possible especailly if the shrubs are hollies. I have a landscape right now that gives me headaches becasue a landscape company just pulled the chinese holly bushes and did not give any thought to the remaing roots.
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    Well it has been extremely rainy here and today was the first day it didn't rain. i went to the house with camellias today and we dug them out and pulled out as many roots as possible... The is a good sized oak to the immediate right of the bed and guess why the bushes broke off instead of pulling roots and all. They were wrapped around the roots of the tree.... So i got rid of most all of the roots in the bed including a few nice size tree roots. Then i tilled the area to a nice and clean bed and of course raked it smooth. She was originally going to re-landscape the area herself but now she told me to get her a plan and it was mine. I also have a question about charging her for the job. I pulled 6 large shrubs and 3 small on one side and then another 9 wax myrtles on the other. The total time to get there and pull the shrubs was 1 hour and 15 minutes using a skid steer solo and then another three man hours just cleaning and tilling. What would be a good price for all of the services provided. Thanks for all of your help.
  9. JNyz

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    I would charge 250.00 plus your drive time unless you included that and time for the skid steer. If you own the skid steer I would charge 175. If you rented it, just charge the rental price plus your time getting it to the job.
  10. White Gardens

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    200 Labor + Rental.

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