ROPS are stupid

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowtech, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. mowtech

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  2. MarcSmith

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    Doubtful either machine had ROPS, if ROPS had been in place doubtful that the operator would have been wearing a seatbelt.

    I'll say more like Operator error. Putting them self in a dangerous situation with a very poweful and dangerous machine.

    Don't let anybody fool you. we are in a dangerous industry

    If a car hits a tree and the person isn;t wearing their seatbelt, is it the seatbelts fault....

    Honestly, Nothing against older people....but 70 is a bit on aged side to be in this type of business....
  3. webfoot

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    The guy in Lebanon was mowing a bank he usually weed eated or at least that is what I heard.Sometimes I do that and when I get done I think was that worth it?Makes you think.
  4. Richard Martin

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    I'd like to read more details especially concerning the Dixie Chopper overturning. As everyone knows most of these ZTRs will slide long before they turn over. Most Dixies come with a super wide width, usually an inch narrower than the cut. My 60 inch Dixie has a 59" wheel width. The only way I can figure you would turn one over is if it starts to slide pretty fast sideways and then catches on something.
  5. MrFangs

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    Wow, this is a horrible story.

  6. Shuter

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    Mowtech, Do you know what ROPS stands for??
  7. mowtech

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    Yes, but I think you'd like to tell me . . .
  8. burns60

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    Did you mean that as a question. ROPs are stupid?

    Well, of course these are two incidents that we don't know the facts about. Both terrible tragedies. But were the ROPs up or down or like mine in the storage building? Did the ROPs cause them to flip? I would sure like to know exactly what happened.
  9. Pecker

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    Good topic, I'm glad you brought it up. IMO, the only thing stupid about ROPS is that so many of the manufacturers make to them non-foldable. All this causes is for people to want to remove them altogether. Alot of people that would have removed the ROPS won't if it is the folding type because being able to fold it down oftentimes allows for just enough low-clearance accessibilty that you can live with it. Hence it gets to stay on. And even with it folded, it is still better than not having one at all in the event of a roll-over.

    And while were on the topic, I think it would be in order for manufacturers (and I don't mean for them to recommend some aftermarket four-point, non-foldable, non-removable ROPS with a canopy either . . .cough-DEERE-cough. . .) to offer ROPS for current models that did not come with ROPS. My JD 757 didn't come with one and even I have had a few scares (yeah, even me - refer to avatar pic :rolleyes: ), and see the need. However, if it were non-foldable like the new 757's I've seen they might as well keep 'em.

    PS I'm not knocking Deere. . .I'm a proud owner and loyal fan. . .but this forum makes a great resource for manufacturers to listen in [hint]
  10. lawnandplow42

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    i hate rops, if a hill is dangerous, i don't take the job or weed whack it

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