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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by DieselDeere, Nov 21, 2003.

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    Well, he said it was a slow roll. The ROPS might have kept the machine on its side instead of allowing it to go completely belly up. If not, the ROPS would have given the operator room to get out from underneath the machine. If the operator hadn't bailed, the mower might have had him pinned. At least the ROPS would have given some room to escape.
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    Sorry for the delay in responding. On some of these safety issues we like to have our safety committee review them before we respond.

    Here's what they had to say:

    From the picture it appears that the slope was probably too steep and the operator was closer to the waters edge than we would like.

    We really can't predict what the ROPS will and will not do in every situation with 100% accuracy but it is our opinion that the ROPS does enhance operator safety in the event a roll over does occur. Can we guarantee that with 100% accuracy? No we can't but we do believe it can help.

    Water does create some specific hazards - that is why it is important to stay a safe distance away. ROPS may prevent the machine from rolling over completely and allow the operator space to escape the machine, however water conditions vary greatly and again we cannot predict what might happen in every situation.

    Having ROPS is not a substitute for safety, the only way to ensure an operator's safety is to always use the mower within the safety guidelines provided by Exmark.

    Rather than speculating on things like the pond conditions, whether to bail out or not, etc. I think the general response should be that we cannot predict what is going to happen in every situation, but overall we believe that the use of ROPS and the seatbelt will enhance the safety of the operator in the event of an accidental rollover.

    The most important point is to not take any unnecessary risks. We realize that many of us are under certain time constraints. We also understand that for some time is money. The point we want to make is there are more important things than money. None of us should take chances or put ourselves at risk to save time or get to the next job a little quicker. Some lessons are better learned from a far than experienced first hand. Look at the picture.........then remember it the next time your on a hill or near a pond and consider pushing the safety envelope a little bit. Then take the Lazer back to the trailer, get out the walk behind, the 21" or the weed whip and finish the job safely.



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