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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by the8ballmows, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. the8ballmows

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    Quick question/survey regarding ROPS. I took delivery today of a 2009 Toro Z Master Z400 48" ZTR with the 7 guage deck (pic attached). My yard is 2 1/2 acres and I have a lot of trees. The Toro is replacing a Snapper ZTR1844 I bought 5 years ago that was a good machine except for the absolutely terrible stamped mowing deck. Finally got tired of spending several hundred $$ every season to repair the deck and replace the belt (it has broken every year for the last 3 years). I decided on the Toro due to 1) Fantastic dealer only a few blocks away (he has worked on my Snapper the last couple of years) and 2) a TON of research, most of it done here on Lawnsite and I want to thank everyone for all the honest, objective comments and suggestions you have provided to those asking for advice over the years! So, when mowing today, I had to be VERY careful going around my trees due to the ROPS. I caught one limb anyway and promptly popped a wheely. I have a few slight elevations, but nothing I believe would cause me to flip over, plus the Toro seems more sure-footed than the Snapper. However, it is about 300lbs heavier. What are your thoughts regarding removal of the ROPS? I can either remove it or trim my trees up a few more feet so the ROPS can clear. I am leaning towards removal, since the ROPS should protect me during a roll over, not cause one :)
    Thanks in advance!

  2. cbegap

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    From the picture it looks like the ROPS are all the way up. Have you tried lowering the top half? If nothing else just completely remove the top half and it should still provide you with some protection.
  3. ashelton

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    I remove mine before I leave the dealer. I am in Florida, and hills are not a problem, but running into low hanging trees is a problem.

    I would probably cut a few times with it on, then if you feel comfortable with your mowers abilities as well as your own, I would take it off.
  4. bohiaa

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    you can remove it. if your in the business you CANT. the desgin of the machine will pretty much keep it from flipping over backwards. notice the rear of the engine.
  5. the8ballmows

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    Thanks to all for your feedback and suggestions! I think I will cut a few more times with the top half in the lower position and see how it goes. Happy mowing!
  6. saylorsdad

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    why not trim trees? also toro has a ultra cool fan that mounts to the rop bars. a it is little high but some air moving would be sweet at times
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  7. TXNSLighting

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    And why cant you? I removed mine. And the mower im picking up later this week will have those removed as well.
  8. the8ballmows

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    Final update, I mowed again last Saturday. I didn't catch any limbs this time around, however, the ROPS did manage to catch a telephone pole's support cable while mowing on my only incline. The mower was above the cable when it happened which caused the mower to pivot into the cable anchor and wedge between the back of the deck and the rear tire. It was dug in worse than an Alabama tick :) Had to use my truck to pull the mower clear. Thankfully no damage was done other than a scratch or two on the back of the deck. ROPS is gone. Since I couldn't seem to get my bearings around it (old dog, new tricks kinda thing I'm sure) I will probably be safer without it. Thanks again for everyone's feedback and suggestions!
  9. scagmanjosh

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    Nice looking mower, looks just like an Exmark! At least your ROPS folds down. My Tiger Cub has a rigid ROPS-- you either trim branches or take it off. I would like to keep mine on, it'll give me a reason to trim my branches.
  10. the8ballmows

    the8ballmows LawnSite Member
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    Thanks scagmanj, the Toro company owns Exmark and (it appears to me) they are practically identical except for the deck (significant differences) and logo's. I looked hard at Scag when I was looking to buy (they are awesome machines!) but for me it ultimately boiled down to a good deal from a closer dealer with a great reputation and who has treated me right for several years on nickle and dime stuff. I'm keeping the ROPS handy, and if I get spooked, it' go right back on :)

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