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New Exmart Zs come with ROPS installed at the factory. The factory offered to retrofit 2 Lazers with a ROPS for I think $150 each. That's not much but I don't feel they add to the total safety of the machine. I'm conserned about catching low hanging branches or telephone guy wires or other overhang and breaking them doun onto the operater. After consulting my senior mower operater (My son) we decided to decline the instalation of the ROPS. We always use them on larger machines but not on mowers. Any thoughts from the experts?



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Not an expert, but just got a new Exmark with them. When full extended you forget about your height very easily and have been tearing branches off and scaring the +++++out of my self from unsuspecting wires....


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Are these foldable ROPS? And do you use your mower on hillsides? Luckily I bought my Kubota before they started putting them on the ZDs. Because I would have taken it off. I do too much tree diving to have one on my mower.


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Yes they are foldable ROPS,.......The first thing I would do is take them off!!!!!!!!! I have several props with low hangin branches....

For me, I have no use for them......I dont have any props that have massive hills... The ones that have slight hills, I use the w/b on.......The rops are just a pita.......


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I just ordered a Toro 500 (52") --- I wanted a 27HP engine and the dealer only had the 23HP in stock -- so he had to order it. I asked him if I could get it without the ROPS and the STUPID seat belt. I told him I would pay the same price. His answer "Nay." He said he had to sell the mowers with the ROPS and seat belt installed.

That means, I'll have to remove them after I take possession.
Thanks, liberals. -- I'm still waiting for the day when we all have to wear helmets. Tick Tock.

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