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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turftracerhp, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. turftracerhp

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    10w30 or 15w40 for kawasaki engines what do ya think?it can be as hot as 100 in the summer and anywhere from 30 to 50 in the fall.
  2. Richard Martin

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    My Kawi manuals call for 10w30. That's what I put in them. I use Pennzoil but the maker of the oil doesn't matter as much as the weight.
  3. Yater

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    I've used rotella 15w-40 in my motorcycles for 15 years. No problems.
  4. Turf Dawg

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    I do not know about using it for mowers, but I use Shell Rotella T 15-40 in my 99 Ford 7.3 and it has 273,000 miles on it and the engine is going strong.
  5. betmr

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    I go by manufacturer's recommendations on all my equipment. They designed it, and they know what it needs. My diesel's want 10W-30 And we use Rotella for that, because it is specific for diesel engines. All my summer 4-strokes get 30 weight, 4-strokes used in cold weather get 5W-30.....The Reasons being. Multi weight 10W-30 in diesels, for start up reasons. Diesel Engines are high compression, so we want a thinner oil, so there is less resistance at start up, and flows easier in a cold engine, then it thickens (Chemically) as it warms. single weight 30 in Mowers & such, because they are not high compression, and the warm summer does not turn the oil into Molasses, so they are easy enough to start. Muti-weight 5W-30 in winter 4-strokes, Snow blowers and such, because cold weather does make 30 oil like molasses, thereby making them a bear to start, and thinner oil flows easier through an extremely cold engine. Once the engine warms up, everything gets down to normal..warm engine, running on what is essentially 30 weight oil.

    What do you think the "W" in multi-weight oil stands for (As in 5W-30)? Winter. The only purpose multi-weight oil serves in Engines, is ease of starting, & quick flow at low temperatures. Once the engine has warmed, the oil in 10W-30 behaves like 30 weight. One fact is, when using multi weight oil, you will use up more oil, faster. Because that thinner stage (When the oil is cold) can flow through narrower spaces, like valve seals, past piston rings, and crankshaft seals.

    You look at your owners manual, there will be a temperature range chart there, that will tell you the oil viscosity for the ambient temps you expect to operate under. I would recommend, if single weight oil falls within your range, that would be the better choice. And if you are Brand loyal, that's OK, But for me if the SAE rating is right and it is detergent type, then the price is what I look at next.

    I keep 4 cases of oil on hand. 30...5W-30...10W-30 For our trucks & 10W-30 Rotella For our diesels
  6. Roger

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    I use Rotella 30W for my 19hp Kaw, 10W-30 for my 15hp Kohler and my Honda GCV. It is expensive, but has shown to work well for longevity.

    Kaw, 1050 hrs, no sign of any oil usage, or other sign of engine problem.
    Kohler, probably over 3,000 service hours. Smokes just a bit on startup after sitting for a long time, but does not use enough to add between changes.
    GCV, over 700 hours last season on a consumer engine; no problems, no smoke, no usage between changes.
  7. Hawg City Lawns

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    ive got a jug of it right now rotella 10w30

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