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    It seems the only side jobs I get sometimes are the ones where I don't own the equipment. I rented a Honda FRC800 rear tine rototiller the other day and loved it. Tilled up a 25 x 25 area in no time. What does everyone do about a rototilling job? Rent or do you guys own? If you own, the only brands that I see out there are Honda, D.R., and Troy-Built. What other brands am I missing??
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    I usually rent a honda FRC600 from a friend. It is a bit smaller than the 800 but I like it.

    When I really need to do some serious tilling, I rent one of these. I used the 13hp honda model and it was a beast. Even in compacted soil it digs right down. Very easy on the operator and chops everything up nicely.

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