Rough cut- my mower or myself? (pictures)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by reliablelawn, May 10, 2013.

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    my deere ztr will mow any hill you can walk on. even some where your feet will slip trying to trim it. a walkbehind is useless to me.

    maybe if you had all small yards but even then i'd prolly use a stander or just a 21" mower.
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    I took the mower into the dealer. The problem I described to them seemed atypical. We looked under the deck and the blade belts were way too lose- causing me to lose RPM's. they think I have been running way under powered and should not have any trouble cutting 5-6in of grass one time, no double cut, leaving the lawn looking fresh. We agreed they will replace the blade and trans belt and charge 1 hr of labor for a complete analysis/look over of the machine to see if they find anything out of whack.

    Here are the photos
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    Dayum! That looks terrible!
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    As previously noted, that is only from 6 days of growth. I do not mow at a blazing speed or anything. Even if the mower is at it's slowest speed- same result. Therefore, I mow at a normal walking pace.
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    All you do is add or drop spacers on the casters.
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    Yes I know how a fixed deck WB works.
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    My opinion is the deck is just a poor design without much thought put into the flow. You might want to experiment with different types of blades or even running doubles. Spacing the blade within the deck can also change the cut. The low RPM prob will fix the majority of the problem I'm sure.
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    Actually that's a good way to do a quick change hoc from say 3" to 3 1/2" not adjust pitch 1/8" or 3/16" etc etc. Let me use an Exmark fixed deck WB as an example here since that is what these clones are loosely based on.

    With an Exmark fixed deck you have the front spacers on the casters, the spacers above and below the blade and the rear axle adjust to 3 or 4 levels as well. So in the manual it has a chart that tells you what the settings are for 3", 3 1/2", 4" etc etc. So you put all the spacers and the axle in the appropriate position for your HOC. Now you are set and the pitch is already done for you.

    Exmark Metro HOC.JPG
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    Also have them throw a tach on the plug and check to see where the RPM's are set at while at wot and adjust to spec.Tight belts and correct RPM's that mower should cut nicely.
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