Rough day of clean ups

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Yarden Of Eden, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Yarden Of Eden

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    Raining the last few days and in to the morning. Got out for a late start. Aerator chain fell off about 3 times. Got half way through my jobs and one of my BR600's blows up, then I have a tire fall off my trac vac. Yuck. Called it a day about 4 hours early.
  2. Roger

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    Calling "it a day four hours early," is paramount to giving in. Troubles happen that cause distress, but just quitting early does not solve any one of them. At a minimum, fixing the mechanical issue for a chain coming off (even one time) would be very high on my list on how to spend my time. You are unable to get back the four hours, they are gone.

    I am not meaning to be critical, but encouraging you to keep your nose to the stone, and keep working. A big problem for small business owners working solo is unwise of time, and not dispatching with problems quickly as they occur.
  3. Yarden Of Eden

    Yarden Of Eden LawnSite Member
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    I should be more specific, I had my business partner and an extra guy working with me, and my remaining properties had acreage that is just too big for my 52 scag w a clam bagger and only one blower, I would have had 1 guy scratching their butt half the time with nothing to do. After the tining got done with my exmark we would have been ill equipped and over staffed. I called it a day 4 hours early, after working for 9, planned on 12, and went back to the shop and fixed my aerator, fixed the tire on my trac vac, and started troubleshooting the blower. I have back up equipment to take out I just didn't bring it with me.
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  4. topsites

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    I don't blame you, I've called days off halfway through when nothing wants to go my way,
    call it throwing in the towel for all I care but I say tomorrow's another day.

    I know all about that Aerator chain problem, HATE that crap.
    Especially when it gets caught up in there and you about have to take half the dang machine apart just to get it unstuck.

    It's weird, it's almost like it stretches over time, I've had to insert washers in between
    just to get more space out of it because it's as far as it can go...
    Great machine, but that chain can bust your tail.
  5. rain man

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    There is a time for everything under the Sun. A time for keeping your nose to the grindstone. A time for throwing in the towel and going fishing the rest of the day. You do whatever it takes to make it.
  6. Yarden Of Eden

    Yarden Of Eden LawnSite Member
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    Yeah I had it half torn apart twice before I got er licked. Those ryans are old rental machines that I only paid a few hundred bucks each for, so they are not bright and shiny and perfect, but they sure as hell paid for themselves real quick.
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  7. weeze

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    what made your blower blow up? i've never seen that happen before.
  8. LR3

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    Very wise advise. I like your train of thought and how you look at things. I imagine you will do well in what you do.
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