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Rough day......


LawnSite Senior Member
This is my second season...Got a call today and my very first customer can no longer afford to have his lawn mowed... Kinda of a bummer, not as busy as I was hoping I would be..

All together I have lost 3 other accounts, 2 because of price and one because they moved... As of right now, I have 11 residentials, two banks, a village park and an apartment that all take less than an hour plus two cemeteries, one that takes 6-7 hours and another that takes 4... Getting a few calls and have two estimates tommorrow, hopefully I can land at least one of those... From last year to this year, I have lost 4 residentials and have picked up a two building apartment property and a large cemetery...

Losing 4 of my 15 residential properties is bothersome to me, especially since none of them seem to be quality related.. Is this common???


LawnSite Bronze Member
Yes unfortunately it is . There are a lot of scrubs and regular competition out there. But the good lawn co's will stick out. DON'T GET DISCOURAGED!!!!


LawnSite Fanatic
Just keep on providing quality work. I would rather have someone drop me over price than quality.