Rough Ride on new Lazer Z 27/60

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Troyer, Sep 8, 2004.

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    Just bought a Lazer Z 27/60.
    I love the mower but the ride it gives is rough compared to my LZHP52 and my 97 Lazer Z 25/60. This new mower has new no air front tires and lower profile rear tires.
    Would this cause a poor ride ?
    Does the ROPS change the ride?
    What can I change to take the back ache out of this mower?
    The rear tires had 23lbs when I got it and i changed them to 13lbs.
    It helped but this rides rough.

    I dont want to purchase a new seat as I think a newer mower should be better in all respects and not need immediate and costly upgrades to ride better than seven year old mower.

    Any one else have a problem like this?
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    The semi-pneumatic tires can ride a little rougher when new however I have had a couple of customers tell me the soften up a little with use. If I had to guess I'd say the biggest reason you're probably seeing ride quality differences are the seat construction and speed. Depending upon how old your HP is it may not have the latest seat design and your older Lazer would not have either unless it's been updated. The newest seat design is firmer and like your favorite chair it will need to be broke in. The old seat felt very good when new however in far to few hours the springs and foam would begin to sag and break down. For most people the new seat is an improvement. Like any change however it may fit some operators better than others. The seat will improve in time however it will remain firmer than the old design for a much greater time. We also receive these comments accasionally when moving from an HP to a full size Z. Often it's the change in speed that is the biggest factor. The current full size Z with the larger drive tires will probably ride smoother than your older Z when traveling over holes however in the case of bumps or rises in the terrain it may ride slightly rougher.



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