Round One Crabgrass Control & fertilizer


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Has anyone ever applied sulfate of potash 0-0-52 18% sulfur diluted so the potash is 0-0-7 with dimension for Round one in the transition Zone with dimension at .5lb per acre active ingredient (max rate), applied on mainly fescue Tall, some blue grass in mid February? If so was there a positive response without the addition of nitrogen on the overall coloring of the lawn? Also did the pre-emergence last the claimed 4-6 months? I have been applying 1/2 lb N per 1,000 sq ft in mid Feb with the .25 ai per acre rate of dimension doing a split treatment. Following up with the other on RD 2. Of course this is temperature dependent as the fescue and blue grass come out of dormancy. I am asking because I would like to just get the expensive pre-emergent out of the way, It seems that the split treatment works but that applying all at once may work just as well. When you have a lot of customers getting RD 1 for crabgrass control and then do a split it becomes an organizational nightmare as far as routing and timing is concerned to get the Broad-leaf spring and fall customers out of the way. They obviously don't want crabgrass control as they didn't select it yet to manage the route effectively for rd 2 some of them end up getting the expensive split treatment of pre-emergence even though they don't get rd 1 just because it save the company gas and time. I asked the local weed scientist a few years ago. While he is a nice guy he didn't suggest doing the max rate in one treatment but anyone out there ever tried as it would save me one huge organizational nightmare?