Round one is bringing 'em in! What you think of round 2?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by JDUtah, Mar 28, 2008.

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    So seems to be working pretty good. Bringing an average of 1 bid a day so far. :)

    But as things always get improved... what do you think of round 2?

    Notes before you check it:

    I only have the home page up and running.

    I will change the property pic on my homepage. I grabbed it off this site to see a pic there. I don't remember who's it was but thanks!

    I am going to have working forums on the site for added content and customer interaction.

    You will notice I included a description of services and coverage area on my homepage. My first site's "coverage area's" page get's top queries in google.. So I am using the tabs as a way to get the content on my homepage without overwhelming the user. That way I get plenty of content to use words like lawn, green, care, aerate, etc... AND have the same page include the cities, zips that we cover. Hopefully it returns even better search results for the homepage. Do you think it is too much? Is it too hard to see and go right into the services we offer?

    Thanks guys!

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