Round-up at curb - who pays

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dfor, Jul 1, 2001.

  1. dfor

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    Do you charge customers for spraying roundup at the curb or include it with the price of lawn service? Or do you let them take care of spraying it themselves? I have been trimming it if needed, but getting tired of that.
  2. Alan

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    Unless you have a pesticide license and comply with tagging regulations you probably cannot legally apply Roundup. Even though you may not charge extra for doing it. With that said, I find that it is a bunch cheaper for me to Roundup the grass in the curb joint than it is to trim it every week or so.
  3. Grasshog

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    I Round Up Pro it, If the curb looks bad, I look Bad
  4. lawnboy82

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    way i do it, is in the spring i go after the curb with a shovel. we do that and it severely cuts down on weed growth. then when the weeds do start to grow, it isnt so bad, and also trimming doesnt take much time.
  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    second what Alan said ;->
  6. smburgess

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    I consider it an "add-on" item, I would try to sell them ornamental weed control, or if all your interested in is the curb, add a a couple of dollars to the cutting price and sell it as a package; mow, trim, blow & roundup curb. I assume you have any license that is required, so you might also want to mix roundup and sahara for the curbs, that way you spray once a season (more profit).
  7. Round-up isn't a restricted use herbicide in Ohio this year. They sell it in Wal-Mart. Anybody can spray it here.
  8. John DiMartino

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    Dave,just because its not restricted use,doesnt mean you can legally spray it.Roundup never has been restricted use,as far as I know.It is in walmart for homeownwers who use it on their own property or propertys they rent,that does not mean you can use it,just because its there.If you are doing it for hire,or on anyone elses property,it is a commercial application.Commercial applications in NY require a license,doenst matter if its roundup or not.It is a pesticide if it kills something,roundup kills grass,so it falls under the pesticide laws.You dont want to get caught doing this,big bucks in fines.
  9. lawnman_scott

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    Cant spray it here without a lisence either. Anyone ever heard of someone getting fined for that? me either.
  10. powerreel

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    Yea Dave! If not you better get one of those stealth backpacks that looks like a shirt & tie so you don't get caught.

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