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    I have a customer with an irragation system.He has a 31 fescue lawn and looks nasty .He wants a bluegrass/fescue blend lawn .thats what im going to do. i live in ky and have done alot of total kills and reseeds with fescue.... I have never seeded with bluegrass i know it takes longer to germanate...ok my question is ..usually i kill out the 1st of august and seed 1st of should i lawn 2nd week of july or wait till end of july then seed 1st sept or when is a good time... do i need extra time for the bluegrass to mature .he wants bluegrass so there is no changing his mind ...ill do the regular fert apps grub/fungus etc... i will be slice seeding with my salsco machine it kics butt . just some seeding tips will help me for thanks
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    I would wait before throwing any seed. I work with Bluegrass mostly and the times I tried to get seeds going in the summer have always seemed to have diminished germination.

    As far as a "seeding sequence"? Please don't take this the wrong way, but I suspect you are overthinking the situation.

    I have never put one grass variety down, then came back a few weeks later to lay another. I have thrown Blue, Blue/Rye and Blue/Fescue mixes before and I have not noticed once choking out the other.

    The only thing you may need to consider is the possibility that the weather you get in KY may be different then what I get in MI, and the possibility that the grass's may be different.

    I wonder if the "Kentucky Blue" is really better in Kentucky?;)

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    well what im asking is do i need to seed any sooner than normal im use blue/fescue/rye mix should i kill the lawn out any sooner because of the blue germanating slower??or just do as normal for my area which is kill out in 1st of august then seed 1st of sept it is a 70%midnite blue mix ive heard it takes 20 to 30 days to germinate??
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    I would just slice in the blue, dont kill the lawn, unless its loaded with violets or other hard to control weeds or bentgrass

    The blue will dominate all other grasses
  5. what plant and heat zone are you in?

    K 31 is a WEED! KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!
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    If irrigation is managed properly, bluegrass will germinate in a week - I do it all the time in straight blue grass lawns. The problem with bluegrass is that it does not grow tall quickly. Sometimes a fall seeding does not really take off until May next season. Faster growing grasses will smother the blue, even if it successfully germinates.

    Tests done at Purdue in early 90s showed that a blue/rye mix seeded in fall would be almost all rye next June, unless rye percentage was 15% or less. Have not seen any studies on blue/TTTF mixes. You should kill off what is there if you want your blue to survive. Don't know what your bluegrass success rate will be mixing blue with TTTF.
  7. Yes, I'm agree with groundkpers, I too have gotten bluegrass to germinate in 5 days, seeded in june in n. Il.
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    Is there going to be a problem with weeds germinating faster than the bluegrass if he does the kill first? If it does take a few months for the bluegrass to fill in how soon can he apply a herbacide to kill weeds to give the grass a fighting chance. Admitedly there will be less of a problem with a fall kill and seed than if it was done in the spring.

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