Round up killed this guys lawn

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by canada, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. canada

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    So I cut this guys lawn on a lake in a nice neighborhood. He decided to use roundup in his flower beds then for some reason decided to use it on his lawn where he had some dandelions, he must have sprayed the whole bottle. I show up the next week and the whole front yard is dead(all brown), and some of his backyard is brown. His wife asked me to fix this. Is there a way to get it back into shape or is it matter of resodding or re-seeding?
  2. kirk1701

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    I'd say your re-seeding or sodding my friend. :dizzy:

    My question to you is how did he get it in Canada? Isn't there a ban against herbicides of this nature there?
  3. canada

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    Thats what I thought I would be doing. The wife said she talked to someone (I think one of the big fertilizing companies here, I noticed they sprayed something) they suggested I aerate it. I didn't see how that would really bring back her grass.

    They still sell Roundup and Killex here but I just think you can't use it commercially, you can use it on your own lawn. That is what I believe I have to check more into that as I want to be a fertilizer applicator commercially.
  4. clean_cut

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    I guess you could reseed or put down sod If you're going to renovate the entire lawn, you may want to look into tilling up the ground while you have a chance. I don't know about the soil in CA, but if it's hard and clay-like, you may want to add some peat moss to break it up.
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    Just ask and check what was put down. IF he put down the extended killer you may have to wait a while b/f you can do anything to the lawn. I am not sure if the extended has a pre em. or a root inhibitor. Seed and or sod may not take for up to 4 months. Find out what he put down first, bottom line.
  6. canada

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    He put round up a whole 1 Litre bottle he sprayed and the rain made it worse.
  7. kirk1701

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    I do believe tilling will just make the issue worse, tilling soil just creates a new set of weeds to germinate then he'll be right back in the same predicament. If anything, aerate and powerseed/sod

    +1 here.
  8. Darryl G

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    I've had several customers do this, one this year. At least 50 spots all over the lawn, a couple good sized ones. I repaired them with my Grass Stitcher. Worked pretty well but I didn't get enough penetration in a couple of spots. I was scheduled to renovate a couple other problem areas anyway, so it was mostly just an emberassment for them. It really didn't cost much extra for me to add the round up spots into the job.
  9. 360ci

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    It's not a country ban on non eco friendly lawn products, it varies by province. Ontario has banned non-green lawn products but it's hard to catch people that still find ways to use it. The reason behind it was that it was contaminating the ground water supply!

    I'm not sure what the restrictions are in terms of commercial use, but some products are still available here in Ontario such as KillEx, and RoundUp, but the RoundUp is severely watered down, and they still charge $30 per gallon. So it's best to stay away.
  10. 67ghiaTIV

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    Round up and NON selective herbicides are still available.

    Killex, Trillion, and other Selective herbicides have been banned as well as insect controls etc.

    Cut the dead grass very low, and overseed the area. Seed it how you wish. An overseeder would be my first choice. The customer with need to baby it over the summer. Best to wait till August but chances are the customer will want it done now. By leaving the "dead turf" you will prevent an opportunity for new weeds to establish.

    Wait at least two weeks for the round up to become inactive. I believe round up becomes inactive upon contact with the soil according to the bottle but you need to double check what product was used etc.


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