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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by tjlco, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I am not sure if this has changed but when I took mine it was not open book. I will go with patriots answer though too. If you can read a label you pass. You have something like 3 hours to should be out in about 15-20 minutes.

    Pay attention to the class - they will spoon feed you every question on the text and the answers.
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    Good that is a relief!

    Now that I looked over it appears that I got it all. The spray & calibration book on has a page or 2 for the round up cert. Plus two more books. It's looks like I only really need part of the one book and the other 2 pages. O'well it looks like I got what I need to further my education in the future.
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    When I showed up they handed me a syllabus. You can dowmload the BMP book too for that class.
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    I agree. The test is so easy you wonder why we need to have a license in the first place. Any home owner can go out and spray without a lic. What is the difference if we do the same on their property. I think any caution labeled chemicals should be applied with out a license. I hear of more lawn guys being killed on a mower roll-over or some kind of accident then by poisoning them selves or a client. Maybe they will require lawn mower operators to get a license to cut grass one day too.
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    "Maybe they will require lawn mower operators to get a license to cut grass one day too."

    Please don't give them any ideas!!!
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    I WISH they would! Along with go around an check for licenses and make sure people have proper insurance and a tax cert.

    I understand that this would cost each of us a little extra but it would get rid of some of the wannabes and low ballers. In my town every guy that's been laid off that owns a truck and a push mower things they have a Lawn Care Company :laugh:
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    Revenue source
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    As mentioned before licenses are to limit competition and generate revenue. Those that have them are fiercely protective of them and those that do not either have to join the fraternity or work under the table.
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    if its closed book, that is a change since I took it

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