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    Personal Disclaimer:The Law is the Law and I do not make the laws. I only try to learn the laws so I can operate within those laws and their LOOP HOLES. If you apply illegally with out a license, you are in fact stealing work from all those who Paid their dues and have a License.

    Under Chapter 482 of Florida Statues you must post a sign of any Pesticide application either at the site of a spot application or at the Main Entrance to the property. The standard sign should also include the Name of the Company, their Phone Number and Date of application. I have seen those signs stay in a yard for months, especially in the winter when very little mowing is done.

    AS for test, At one time I was a CEU provider and taught that class back when it was 8 hours long. Bottom line is it is a Compromise license that was started to keep people legal to spray Roundup. The test is geared for County Employees to pass as well as every other fools. Anyone who fails that test shouldn't be spraying and should get in line for the Darwin Awards. It is the same as being Licensed it Corn Crib Iowa. You don't have to know any thing.
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    I despise J.A. who don't do stuff legally. It is one thing to be ignorant but law is law rules are rules. Stuff comes back to you. Had some one want to kill dollar weed in their bed today. Told them to wait till next month or go to Lowes.
    Mean while at the house for sale next door:
    A little red car pull up. Guy gets out dressed like he is working. Opens the trunk pulls out a camera, bucket, & a weed whacker. Uses the bucket to hold the camera like a tripod. Sets the camera and poses with the weed whacker for the camera. He dose this several times and leaves.
    We wanted to give him some two cents, but remained professional. We are still thinking about calling the bank or Realtor. We do those type of jobs. We feel it is a slap in the face! When we actually do the work and not just smile for the camera.
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    I saw this a month ago and could not figure out what the guy was doing. Someone had a string trimmer and a camera placed on his truck, he never started the thing and just posed for pictures. Meanwhile I was trying to remove a brazillian pepper tree for a tenant. You mean they take pictures of themselves instead of the finished work and the investors are dumb enough to believe it? If so I think they deserve to be had. There is an abandoned home next to another of my properties that has two foot tall dry grass and has been used as a drug house. I can only hope someone throws a cigarette in that grass and takes care of the problem.
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    Sent you a PM
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    I see the foreclosure scrubs do this all the time. Tear through the yard, no edge, trim , blow, mulch 2 months of newspapers. Take pictures and collect 10.00 from the bank. Great way to run a business.
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    Had a property preservation co. call us yesterday. Now we have done these jobs before with out any real issues (mowing and fix ups). But, We felt like someone was playing a joke. Ended up telling them to call some else!
    " We need photo's of the street sign, House Numbers, 20 before, 10 during & 20 after"
    Chuckle, "Sooooo you need 52 pics per job? Are u paying extra for all the pics?"
    "Well as for payment. If the property is 15k sqft or less. It is $20 for grass under 1' tall. $25 if it over 1' tall & $30 if it is over 3' tall.
    "We are not aware of "grass" that grows 3ft tall. Also we wont even mow grass a foot tall."
    Sadly they were serious and it was not a joke!

    BTW took the class & test today! feel good about the test. Waiting for results! Will post when we know!

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