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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cat320, Apr 1, 2001.

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    Actually adding a little fertilizer to the tank mix will, in most situations, aid more in uptake and translocation than a surfactant. Surfactants are generally used to help aid in soil and thatch penitration. While a surfactant does aid in dispersion along the leaf surface is will not prevent it from being washed off by rain or irrigation. Adding a spreader/sticker to the mix will do more than adding a surfactant alone. A spreader/sticker will also make your Round Up app. rain resistant.
    Jim L
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    Round Up Pro is great for kiling grass,but broadleafs, well you better find something to mix in with it, here it won't even kill dandelions.
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    How many ounces per gallon are you mixing? I mix 2 ounces per gallon and don't have a problem with it not killing broadleaf or grassy weeds.
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    Round Up Pro 2 oz/gal
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    i saw a roundup today at my supplier called roundup Ultra max. Apparently for AG use, it has a higher % active. I also have an AG license...

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    We use the Ultra at the farm for our beans and corn.
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    Round Up 101

    Round Up by Monsanto comes in many different formulations. Round Up Pro and Ultra both contain 42% active. Round Up T/O contains 18% active. To make a 2% solution of spray requires 2 2/3oz Pro to 6oz of T/O. Pro Dry is a water soluable formulation of Pro that makes mixing easier and will not freeze. Read your labels carefully. In Mi. using Ultra to renovate a lawn, kill weeds in a bed or kill weeds in cracks or crevices of drives or sidewalks other than at the applicators "house" is a violation of the label. Also using Pro on crops is a violation of the label. It doesn't matter that they contain the same percentages of the same active ingredient, the labels are different. Rodeo and Aquaneat also contain the same active but have aquatic labels. Read your labels carefully.
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    Ok I have never heard of the dry....can you just put it down with a spreader?
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    i am actually scared to respond to that one. roundup dry is a concentrated, dry form of roundup designed to be mixed w/ water before spraying. dave
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    Hey Lawnboykb...with a post like that I'd bet you aren't licensed. If not, you shouldn't even be using liquid Round-Up!


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