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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by lugnut#6, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. lugnut#6

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    ok.i sprayed a customers property with round up prior to tilling for an upcoming sod job.i used a backpack sprayer with the purple concentrate and followed the dilution rates on the bottle.2.5 ounces per gallon of water.the conditions were very dry and there was no wind the day i sprayed it.but nothing died,i mean nothing.

    is the backpack sprayer too hi pressure and atomizing the agent too finely?im pretty sure i got the application rate per sq ft correct.should i use a low pressure sprayer?

    and no..i dont have an applicators license but one is not required in the state of MS. for non-restricted products.

    thanks guys...and gals
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    The Bureau of Plant Industry administers all aspects of the licensing process in the state of Mississippi. A Licensee is defined as anyone who applies a pesticide; either restricted use or general use, and advertises or collects a fee for the application. The individual should call the Bureau of Plant Industry at 662-325-3390 and ask for an application to be licensed.
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    i have already contacted the ms bureau of plant industry as well as the local county agent by phone. both told me,and i quote "i know of no license thats needed to apply non-restricted use fertilizers or herbicides" i asked them to define non-restricted use and they told me any thing i can buy at most home improvement places.

    this was last year.i dont recall the persons name i spoke to at the mbpt but the county guys name was walter e walker

    i did notice in your post it states "pesticide"
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    it might just need a little more time to work.
  5. lugnut#6

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    i stand corrected.

    just called the bureau again talked to a guy named larry.he said that i was given bad info.for non-restricted use ferts i need no license.for round up i do.he was very understanding of the situation.gave me the info i need to finish the project im on.

  6. PSUturf

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    When you say the conditions were very dry does that mean the vegetation was water stressed? The plant needs to be actively growing in order to translocate the herbicide throughout the plant and kill it. Healthy, actively growing vegetation usually starts to yellow and wilt after a week. Some plants need to be sprayed with more than a 2% solution of Roundup to get a good kill.
  7. lugnut#6

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    yes sir,most definitely.had a small shower last night and it supposed to rain some tomorrow.will "have" it retreated after some moisture.

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