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    Guys, i sprayed a big 3/4 acre lawn a week ago in oklahoma with round up and pendulum (bermuda was dormat). I had a light mist of rain about 6 or 7 hours after the app. lasted maybe 1/2 hour..i noticed today the dandelions are now flowering heavy and not showing much sign of wilting. The bermuda is now starting to wake up so i can't hit it with RU again. I know the roundup seems to take its time killing broadleaf, but don't want to loose this customer. You think i ought to hit it again (spot spray) with trimac?

    thoughts? :confused:
  2. fl-landscapes

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    I dont spray lawns....but wouldnt 2-4-D remove your broadleaf problem from your bermuda?
  3. thempikes

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    Yes. Spot spray.
    Dandies were dormant until just recently.
  4. rwsawal04

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    Don't put roundup on that bermuda if it's greening up, just get some 3-way, 2-4d, or some speedzone before it get to hot.

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    I always use a 3way with roundup when killing a yard. If not there always seems to be some weeds left
    Charles Cue
  6. jose85

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    dam bubba i pulled roundup like 3 weeks ago, and yea just use a 3 way , trimac is ok


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