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Roundup and Ferilize on same day?

Critical Care

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Central Oregon
I'm trying to figure this one out. Roundup spot sprayed on a lawn will of course kill whatever is sprayed, so it wouldn't matter what you do afterwards. If your wondering if the fertilizer in Scotts Turf builder may perk up whatever you've sprayed, I wouldn't worry about that. Weed and Feed fertilizers are typical of fertilizers that incorporate herbicides within them.

Are you trying to get rid of crabgrass, or/and other weeds?


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Nothern Arkansas
Answering both questions.

Second response first, I have not done a soil sample. I have dogs, and I am going away on business next week so have my dogs with my mother. I wanted to take advantage of this time to put down some chemicals.

Ok, now to address both responses as to what I am actually trying to do.

My El Toro is still dormant, but I expect it to start coming out in the next couple weeks. I had a variet of little weeds around the yard, such as clover, wild oniions, and a few other little flowering leaves. My thought was to hit those weeds with Roundup, which shouldn't effect my lawn because it is still dormant.

Then, I was going to put down Scotts Turf builder with Halts to get some fertilizer in the ground, since I likely want be able to fertilze again until early fall (because of the dogs). I went with the halts variety, since it is a pre-emergent to try and stop some future weed development.

My actual concern about doing both on the same day is whether or not the chemicals will react together in any negative way.


Again, No problem with the fertilizer and the round-up, there is no interaction. Your problem is going to be with limited control of the round-up on what you are spraying. Mix round-up with some 2,4-D at normal rates.
Most of the noxious weeds you have mentioned are unaffected or only partially affected by round-up. The 2,4-D will kill them.