Roundup Grass & Weed Killer alternative?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bg3535, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. bg3535

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    Looking for something that will kill grass and weeds as good as "Roundup", but will be easier on the wallet. Would even consider something that is home made. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. AMC32

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    HDX brand weed killer from Home Depot is a good price if you don't need a huge amount killed. One bottle makes up to 21 gallons and costs around 15$ I think
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  3. wbdodgeiv

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    Just go to Tractor Supply or Southern States and get a jug of Glyphosate concentrate, add water and a bit of dish soap and your gtg.
  4. twomancrew

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    Go ask a farmer where he buys his nitrogen and go there and ask for RU. You'll get a 2.5 gallon of glyphosate that will be heavier than red cap roundup from wallyworld. That means you'll only need about 2.6 oz per gallon to get a good and fast result. I pay $40 for a 2.5 here in Iowa. It's labelled anything and everything but usually it's Buccaneer or Glystar Plus or Gold. In Iowa no pernit is needed to buy non controlled pesticides. Application is another story. So here we can buy it but that don't mean we can charge for apps. If we give the service away for free no permit is needed. A lot of guys here only spray roundup and include it on the contract as free, but that don't fly either. The service cannot be used for gain of any type if you call and ask the dept of ag in Des Moines. I tell you this so you can avoid any problems down the road. learn the rules in your state, be safe, make some $$:)
  5. White Gardens

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    Ya, don't buy the pre mixed jugs. Get a sprayer and mix your own.
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  6. twomancrew

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