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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jbob, Mar 3, 2004.

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    i am a cut trim guy. had a church guy call wanting a small area around church tilled up. plans to plant some kind of cover. i road by but was not able to stop at the time. figured sq ft about 1500 to 2000. called him back and told him i would till for free if some one would show me where water gas and electric lines are. i figure good for my soul. i told him i thought it should be sprayed with roundup 1st but i was not able to do that because of insurance. i told him 2 check with who is selling him the cover and i would check with lawn site. so should he spray with round up ( and put down pre emerge before planting cover. i know hard to say when not knowing what cover.
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    You mean you dont have a license, you need a license to spray, unless you feel lucky.

    It might make it easier on you if he sprays what he wants tilled. As far as a pre-emergent I wouldn't worry about it. I mean you can, to prevent some weeds, but you may still get some weeds. Just be sure to put down some Mulch or Pine needles.

    Good luck..........
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    First, you shouldnt have to worry about water or gas lines. they are 20" or more below the surface. electric lines or cables might pose a problem so i agree you should identify those. Second, i would spray the exsisting soil outlining the area you want to till with roundup to make it easier to till up.Wait 24 hours to plant .Once you plant your ground cover and mulch, use snapshot for weed control, or preen granulated. better use preen if you dont have a pest. licence....
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    better use NOTHING if you dont have a pesticide license

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