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    I skip. Had a customer get upset told her sorry that’s just my policy - I’ll be back in 48hrs. If I know it’s just fert then I’ll wait 24hrs but Pesticide / or if I’m not sure then I’m waiting 2 days. Some companies write what they put down on their lawn sign.
    I once mowed a treated lawn and broke out in hives . Been wary since then even tho been told repeatedly that it’s fine to mow over a recently treated lawn. Now Im learning ppl do indeed have allergic reactions to pesticides (aside from the already known acute & chronic affects).
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    That's what happened to Robert Rhodale (of Organic Farming fame) He died in a car crash in Russia.
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    You can have an allergic reaction to just about anything. Your reaction could have been to the pesticide, or to an inactive ingredient in it, or to something mixed in with the pesticide, such as an adjuvant, mso, sticker spreader, etc., not to mention the countless plants you could encounter.

    For me, I break out in hives when I'm in the sun. Go figure.
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    Judging by what im seeing on television and on social media, I think its a fair guess that gly is going away?
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    Well sure, some people have allergic reactions go grass!
    The dog
    we all LOOK pretty much the same but the chemistry in our bodies seems to be very different.
    I even read somewhere that suggested certain allergies can be psychosomatic (like I once choked and amost died on a chicken bone and now chicken gives me rashes, for example)

    It’s also possible what “gives” one person cancer doesn’t for another.
    I’ve known people to smoke their whole lives and don’t have cancer or emphasima.... kinda weird how everyone is a bit different like that.

    Me personally I’m allergic to cheese burgers
    They make me swell up
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    Smoking might give you cancer, it might not, but what it does to people is not really different. When someone has an actual dairy allergy or something, they do react differently to something most of us don't. It might make you violently ill, but that would be odd in a general sense. Having hives because you choked on a chicken bone is your own personal reaction.

    But if you smoke, no matter who you are, it does the same stuff to you. CO is not harmless. it is not a set of amino acids found in chicken flesh. It will constrict blood vessels, increase your heart rate, cause constriction of bronchus, increase mucus production in respiratory tract. In addition to those immediate effects, we know of more than a few of the individual chemical components of cigarette smoke and what they do physiologically to every person when they smoke. It doesn't really have desired effects on a living person to say the least. True some won't get cancer and some will, but your odds are quite a bit higher if you do.

    sensitivities or allergies are abnormal reactions to things that aren't generally harmful to people. Smoking isn't generally "not harmful" It is, to everyone. Just some might not do it long enough to get "something" or they might not get cancer.

    But i'm going to guess a person that cuts grass for a living and had a reaction after mowing something sprayed with something, wasn't having a reaction to the grass he probably cuts every day, but something else.
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    Has anyone used an Ammonium Nonanoate has a non selective herbicide?

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