Roundup without killing trees

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SkippysHelpers, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. SkippysHelpers

    SkippysHelpers LawnSite Member
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    What are the best methods for rounding up a yard without killing the trees (most are 2-3 years old)?
  2. Mickhippy

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    Dont spray the green bits! Simple!

    Sorry, been drinking and spoke before I thought! Wont be the last time! :cool2:

    Do you mean spray the lawn, gardens or around the trees?

    Roundups pretty safe to use I reckon. Just dont spray in the wind and keep the wand low around plants you dont want to spray.

    GREENITUP LawnSite Senior Member
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    That about sums it up. Keep the spray away from the trees and dont use a higher mix rate than you need to for the "yard" in question :drinkup:
  4. Mscotrid

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    Keep the gun pointed down.... :jester:

    seriously, round up vary seldom will trans-locate thru the roots system if using proper label rates...
  5. SkippysHelpers

    SkippysHelpers LawnSite Member
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    LOL thanks for the responses! I probably should have given more details. I have a few acres of land I want to basically turn into a dust bowl and start over. The land was a wheat field and now is one big clover patch. I was planning on using a sprayer on the back of my mower, tilling the land and spray again...doing this over and over until the stuff doesn't come back.

    I am just a little worried that I would hit the trees....there are about 12-15 of them. Would you use the sprayer the way I was intending, but stay away from the trees, and then go closer to the trees with a hand sprayer?
  6. Garth

    Garth LawnSite Senior Member
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    Use lower pressure and a large nozzle to increase droplet size and prevent drift. There is also a product called Sta-Put that keeps chemical where it's supposed to go.
  7. stumper1620

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    never mind
  8. GreenUtah

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    don't wet the trees and go to it. If you absolutely feel the need to get tighter, do just like you thought and use a hand can, again, not wetting the tree. there are many surfactants out there that can hold the chems where you want them, in fact, that's the difference between r-up pro and straight glypho. low pressure with a larger nozzle works if you have the volume to accomodate it. on an ATV type sprayer, the electric pumps likely only push in the 1-4 gal range at a max of 80 lbs, depending on the pump. The ones set up to go, like many that northern tool sells, operate at 1.8 gal max and 20-40 lbs, not exactly atomizing type pressure. Just use your head and spray when wind is down, stay away from anythign sensitive and hand gun the difficult spots. One more thing, before you till, make sure you've allowed enough time for a complete kill, otherwise you may be fighting regeneration from cut roots that did to get complete uptake.
  9. SkippysHelpers

    SkippysHelpers LawnSite Member
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    Wow great response! Thanks a ton!
  10. sildoc

    sildoc LawnSite Silver Member
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    Pending the trees you will have no problem. In the Ag business as we have alot of pears here they spray Glyphosate all the time to keep the weeds down in the orchards. Use as directed and you wont have a problem.

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