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  1. luckydooley

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    Does roundup kill dormant bermuda? In other words if some overspray gets on dormant bermuda. Is it going to die or still green up here in the next couple of weeks? Thanks!
  2. Atlantic Lawn

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    Is the dormant grass really dormant ??? There are many LCO's around here who have sprayed thinking it's dormant, but when you look below the canopy you can see the start of green-up. The result is a yard full of holes and a very upset customer. Todays herbicides offer a wide variety of selective treatments. If you go with R/U walk the yard looking for any green below the brown. Good Luck.
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    Glyphosate (the active ingredient) is absorbed through the leaves or blades of plants/turf and is translocated to the growing points. Because of this mode of action, it is only effective on actively growing plants.
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    yeah, dont spray it, it will most likely kill it, there will be some green below that dead and it will make it down there and kill it, like i told the guy with the same ? for zoysia, i did it and it was early still in the year and ended up with dead. use a more selective product to be safe!

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