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    I have several commercial properties that require us to maintain the flower beds. I had a complaint about these small sprouts that are spreading from the roots of these small bushes, which number in the hundreds. I was told that the only way to get rid of them is by digging them out, which will cost me more in man hours than it's worth. Does anyone know if using Roundup is a good or bad thing on these bushes?
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    Roundup is a translocating herbicide. That means that if you spray one part of the plant it will move throughout the plant. If the sprouts are coming from the roots of shrubs that you don't want to affect, don't spray the sprouts.
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    wow, that stinks. i wonder if they knew aout that when they were accepting bids.

    what kind of bushes are they?
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    you can find growth inhibitors to spray. bayberry perhaps? if you really need to get rid of them...weed eat them every week.

    or you could use a simple vegetation killer on them all...probably could get by every 3 weeks with that i suppose.

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